Change, It’s a Comin’

We seem to have packed multiple major life changes into a very short amount of time. I do not recommend this to any of those considering it.

Having a second child.DSC_4109The end of the school year craziness. (leaving one of MANY banquets)DSC_5190Gary graduating from high school and going off to college “far, far away” as Ace says. (Their relationship is one of my favorites.)DSC_5424Alex moving in with a new family.
Gary and Alex returning to China for the summer, and not returning to our home in the fall.DSC_5390Moving into a (super awesome) new house as a family of four.DSC_4481Barrett and Aisley sharing a room.
Aisley moving into a big girl bed.
Our first family vacation. (!!)

It’s a lot on a person. Especially a mom. And a dad. And a new sister who is going from 3 brothers down to 1.

I’m not a great emotional processor so rather than emotions presenting themselves in the form of tears, they normally come in the form of a stomach ache.

Needless to say, I don’t feel well.

About becauseyouaskedmeto

Learning to be a momma. Longing to be obsessed with my Savior. Loving my husband.
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3 Responses to Change, It’s a Comin’

  1. Mom/Granna says:

    I don’t feel well either…on your behalf. You’ll feel better next weekend. At least some.

  2. Minnie Prior says:

    Dear one,you have put a lot on a small plate. I also suffer from stomach pain,but mine comes with tears too. All I know is that you are much stronger than me in all aspects of life,so,In a short time done of your pain will be gone. I love you all bunches

  3. Sandra Barnett (Grandmother) says:

    I’m the #’ll, 1 hater of change, when it comes to people.I’m ok if they don’t leave the city limits. Praying for ya’ll especially Aisley because this is a total change for her little world! Love you.

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