And Mary Pondered All of These Things in Her Heart

My life has been so full lately. Full of work. Full of travel. Full of family and friends. Full of laughter.


A sweet friend shared a photo the other day on her Instagram that really kickstarted an ongoing feeling of thankfulness within me. She had woken up that morning to find her husband sleeping in the hallway with both of their children who had woken up in the middle of the night. He and their toddler were snuggled under a blanket with their newborn rocking quietly above them in his swing.

My head and heart were immediately reminded of the Christmas story. Not because the picture reminded me of the birth of Jesus, but it reminded me of the special perspective Mary had on all that was happening. I’m so thankful it’s shared in scripture. Although brief, we are given a glimpse into Mary’s heart as Luke 2:19 says “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. ”

This Sunday in church, they brought Aisley to me from the nursery because she wasn’t feeling well. She sat quietly in my lap for the remainder of service, only occasionally and quietly singing pat-a-cake. As the band began to play “Mary’s Song” taken from the verses in Luke 1 where Mary is responding to the news that she will give birth to the Son of God, Aisley began to sing and dance. And I looked up next to me where my husband was worshiping our Savior. And I glanced down the row where Gary was standing. And my heart was so full. Full of love and joy. Overwhelmed with peace and so humbled by the blessings God has freely given to me.

There have been so many moments since seeing that picture that my soul resonates with Mary’s, and my heart rejoices in the Baby Jesus who was sent to earth. Thank you, thank you, thank Jesus.

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Learning to be a momma. Longing to be obsessed with my Savior. Loving my husband.
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One Response to And Mary Pondered All of These Things in Her Heart

  1. Sandra Barnett (Grandmother) says:

    Such asweet story! And such a SWEET picture! Love that baby and her Mom and Dad!

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