A few blog posts worth reading.

1. This sweet post written by a mommy to her little girl made my heart smile and my eyes tear up. It was God’s intention that we live in peace and unity and there is so much disunity created by women who are just mean. I have been both the victim and the perpetrator in my life and Lisa really captured a sweet part of motherhood with a daughter in this post: What I Want My Daughter to Know About the Mean Girls.

2. It’s really hard to beat anything that involves a video of a four year old sharing their heart. You won’t be disappointed. Even if the room re-do in this post isn’t your thang, Dylan will melt your heart and make you laugh. Dylan’s Dream Room Bedroom Reveal.

3. Design Mom is like Oh.My.Gosh. I feel like I know her because she’s a friend of a friend even though I’ve never met her or spoken to her and if I was like, “Hey, I know so and so,” she’d probably be all, “That’s so cool. Nice to meet you. Bye.” You know, but super polite and friendly because she’s adorable and has the best hair. Anyway, she runs a regular spot on her blog called, “Living with Kids.” Basically it just lets you look at pictures of someone else’s house and drool over what you’ll probably never have but lay in bed dreaming of. Here’s the latest one. Swoon: Living With Kids-Lynne Knowlton.

4. Sweet Lesley over at lesleywgraham.com is so precious and honest and beautiful and seemingly perfect. Though don’t we all try to spice up our life to those who can only go on internet perception? Only me? Anyway, she has two beautiful daughters and wasn’t so pleased with her post-baby self and decided to do something about it. These are a few of the posts following her post-baby journey and they’re so inspiring. Even if you aren’t post baby: Losing the Baby Weight- Week 1, UpdateWeek 2

What posts are inspiring you these days?

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Learning to be a momma. Longing to be obsessed with my Savior. Loving my husband.
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One Response to A few blog posts worth reading.

  1. So glad you linked to Lynne’s house tour. That was a remarkable interview. And I’m giggling at how happy your compliment about my hair made me. (How vain I’m feeling today!)

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